Yagba Reps Race: Setting The Records Straight on SDP Candidature


In response to the libelous and defamatory accusations being peddled by Madam Awoniyi Yewande Adebisi (AYA) and her camp, Oluwafemi Daniel Iselaiye would like to inform the good people of Yagba Federal Constituency and the general public that he duly won the mandate for the House of Representatives in a free and fair direct primary election of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) held on September 29th, 2018.

The churlish legislative hopeful, Madam Awoniyi has being spewing inflammatory claims that her name was substituted with that of Femi Iselaiye. We will like to reiterate to the general public that Femi Iselaiye is the declared winner of the primary election and the flag bearer of the SDP for the Yagba Federal Constituency, House of Representative seat. We expect that the following indubitable evidences will effectively quell the unconscionable and ridiculous claims that Madam Awoniyi and her camp have been peddling to the public and media outlets.

  • She did not participate in the screening exercise organized by the party ahead of the primary election.
  • During the primaries, security operatives, INEC officials and party officials were present to witness the whole process to ensure strict compliance with electoral process.
  • The Returning Officer, Jibrin Lawal Danjuma announced the result of the election at the collation centre in the presence of all the aforementioned electoral stakeholders.
  • Upon the declaration of the result which revealed Madam Awoniyi lost by a wide margin pulling a paltry 220 votes against an overwhelming 1481 votes garnered by Iselaiye. In a premeditated and cynical move meant to foment hullaballoo and gainsay the entire election, Madam Awoniyi blatantly claimed no election was ever conducted despite indubitable evidences of live videos and pictures that were released online to the public to affirm the credibility of the primary election.
  • The party national leadership set up an appeal panel to investigate the claims raised by Awoniyi. After thorough investigations and review of incontrovertible evidences of videos and pictures presented declared Iselaiye the winner and flagbearer for the party.
  • The party forwarded Iselaiye forms, CF001 and E.C.4B and name to INEC on Thursday 18, 2018. The result was published on the Nation Newspaper dated Saturday, October 20th, 2018. (Refer to page 41 of the daily).

It is worrisome and quite unfortunate that the roundly defeated legislative hopeful has decided to heat up the polity. In her characteristic display of lack of sportsmanship, she has taken to cheap publicity stunts and decided to blackmail and cast aspersions on the integrity of Oluwafemi Iselaiye by claiming he is plotting to assassinate her.

In response to this incendiary claim, we have notified necessary security agencies and our legal counsel to investigate her libelous claim. We will like to enjoin our teeming supporters and the general public to dispel further mudslinging from her camp.

Her Machiavellian schemes should not be taken seriously as they are meant to divert attention from key democratic issues in the build-up to the general election. We enjoin the general public to learn to spot her shenanigans and avoid being fooled.



– Bolade Olumide Emmanuel

Director General, Media & Publicity,

Oluwafemi Daniel Iselaiye (O.D.I) Campaign Organisation

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