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The task of nation building and maintaining sustainability is a great undertaking and a veritable chore that must be vigorously attended to if we will succeed as a people.

We must be proactive to bring to fore all articulate and meticulous attention to detail on how to navigate through the process of getting to our targeted destinations.

The Igala future is threatened by myriads of challenging characteristics and the tainted doldrums and complacency of a chained prisoner!

Our docile postures towards issues of national concern has made us a “docile masses of an enslaved nation” always wobbling in an ocean of illusory despair of a lost sheep!

How long shall we continue in this regard considering the negative consequences of our inactions even as we have seen thus far.

The Igala Youth Congress (IYC) has noticed the optical aberration and the overriding distortions and twisting illusion that has become accustomed, habitual and  customary to our people especially the leadership of the Igala Nation as it were.

The danger here is that a bad precedent has been set up and whorled  on our people as a way of life without recourse to the grave consequences of such vicious circle.

We have all heard the stunning story of the great Atta Ayegba Omidoko. His impeccable services and the indefatigable quest to bequeath a free Igala nation to us all.

It was about some 900 years ago when the Atta Ayegba Omidoko foresaw the future of the great Igala race with his indomitable fecundity in the liberation struggle for you and I, and for to that he sacrificed his beloved children!

Though he didn’t go to school yet he has the intellectual productivity of a creative imagination and of a genius!

He was practically a pragmatic leader with a mission and vision for his people and this he achieved through selflessness and the ability to see what was before him which was /is the apparent future of the Igala Kingdom.

It is a clarion call to service for all and sundry no matter how highly placed you are in the society.

This calls for concern as we discuss the way forward for the future of the Igala nation.We have to step up effort towards analytical and practical experience as against the mundane awards, seminars and presentation of awful papers that has no practical effect on the quality of lives of the Igala man on the street.

The failures of the leadership of the past and present to harness the best opportunities in engaging the political gladiators to put in the right infrastructural facilities and amenities that can help facilitate and propel the economic advancement,growth and development of our land has been the bane of the untoward poverty level in our land today.

The conspiracy of silence of our people has left much to be desired considering the grave danger ahead of some of these humongous challenges as witnessed lately.

How can we acquiesce or accede to this ruthless aggression against our people by total  hush up and muteness?

Where is the voice?

This ugly and distasteful silence must not be allowed to continue as it poses grave threat to our collective heritage.

PMB just announced recently a whooping sum of $3bilion dollars for a futile oil exploration in the far North while we have  about 9 oil blocks in Ibaji, Oginago and elsewhere in Kogi East Senatorial zone.

We must not be subservient to the far North because we are a people and a nation created by God having what it takes to compete favourably with the comity of nations.

We must stand up for our people today to rewrite the wrongs of the past and present as we can no longer tolerate the associated pains and shameful acts of kindness or cowardice!

Igala has lots of personalities and icons in various fields of endeavours. Amongst the notables are the numerous SAN’s of Igala origin, the erudite professors, PhD’s and other prominent son’s and daughter’s yet part of Ibaji oil well has been hijacked by Anambra State government and are now amongst the oil producing State enjoying certain derivations therefrom.

Idris Wada, our own son was the then governor with other leaders in the State and national Assembly of Igala origin!

They were not perturbed because of misplaced political priority and leadership failure that was born out of total ineptitude and ignorance.

The governor was in the Lugard’s house, lokoja as though nothing was at stake while Peter Obi was busy aligning with Emeka Offor, Anyaoku, Alex Ekweme and others to build oriental oil and gas refinery tapping crude oil from Igala soil!

The gross ineptitude and delusional incompetencies of our supposed leaders at the material time has denied the entire State the chance of generating  revenue from this point through derivations therefrom.

Nothing was heard from any of these personalities!

The lethargic swags that denied Igala Okura State in the last national political conference as anchored by Goodluck Jonathan is amongst the many destructive litanies of our collective failures as a result of bad and ineffectual political leadership.

Our future cooperation and collectivism as a people  is indeed threatened by corruption, greed and selfishness by few traitors in our midst who are bent on sabotaging, obstructing and destroying our common heritage!

It’s the height of gross disservice to father land and a total sellout in wrong direction!

Where are the likes of the unbeatable Atta Ameh Oboni of this world who brought primary schools to Igala land and aerodrome to Idah?

The Idah aerodrome was established alongside Kano aerodrome which is now known as Kano Intl Airport!

Where are the Atta Attaboh Ijomi of this world with the eagles eye’s to redirect and redefine the course of the Igala nation?

The Inikpi of this world with a focused and determined heart of a Lion to laid down self?

The Achema of blessed memory with the unity of the Igala nation as the watch word?

We should  be able to decide on which way forward because we are definitely on a cross road!

The many sins of the present government cannot be over looked in that it has wrecked and rendered our people to a mere paupers.

The wreckage has led to the untold stories of squalor,wretchedness and palpable suicide in the State

Leadership is about the service to the people.Yahaya Bello has bluntly refused our people their meager salaries, wages and benefits since his infamous assumptions of office in the papal throne of the Lugard’s house!

The latest act of his juvenile charades and dereliction of duties was the directive to integrate the Fulanis across the 21 local government areas of the State and the despicable order to make Fulanis automatic membership of our traditional institutions across the State.

This criminal mandate to make the Fulanis part of the decision making process across the length and breadth of the State is perhaps a testament to why he was imposed on us and so he must act to the scripts of his political godfather!

 Yahaya Bello is fanning the ember’s of war and the flames thereof will consume his entire generation.

His  numerous sin will find him out as the grossly anti social practices that men perpetrate will live even after their demise.

The criminal deployment of government apparatus and paraphernalia against the innocent Lecturers of  Kogi State university must not be allowed.

How can a governor sack 148 lecturers from a baby university as KSU?

There has been an unending and torturing screening since the inception of this government with the attendant failure to pay salaries and wages due to the civil servants in the State even after receiving bail out funds and Paris club’s tranche!

The insensitivity and irresponsibility  of the government to address the plight of its employees has left untold hardship and suffering to our people on daily basis.

How long must we continue to condone the grave implications of this obnoxious charade?

This is a crime against humanity and we must fight it without fear or favour.

Let the men of good will arise and say no to this obnoxious ill wind that blows no man good!

The Holocaust in plateau cannot be allowed here!

The carnage and massacre in Agatu will not be condone here!

The Southern Kaduna genocide and annihilation barge must not be sold to our people!

We will defend this!

We will defend our land!

Arise Oh ye men of valour of the greatest Atta Ayegba Omidoko dynasty!

Arise oh ye people of the Igala Nation to defend the course of Inikpi’s  sacrifice for our noble kingdom!

Your title, your personality and your personal achievement has nothing to do with this misnomer and the aberration of the luciferous GYBLOSIS and the Titanic CEDOVIRAL tumour necrotic plague that is about to engulf and consume the entire State!


1.That the 148 sacked lecturers be reinstated immediately without further delay

2.That the unending screening of this government be put on hold and salaries/wages due workers and pensioners be paid immediately

3.That the issue surrounding the Ibaji oil be revisited with a view to addressing the issue therefrom.

4.That the illegal removal of the top echelon of the radio Kogi and other MDAs in the State be reinstated immediately for lack of due process.

5.That the integration of Fulanis and the automatic membership to the traditional institutions across the 21 local government areas of Kogi State to be part of decision making process by Yahaya Bello, is not only an invitation to anarchy but an unholy alliance with grave threat to our collective existence.It becomes expedient that this be lampooned,, castigated and jettisoned by all.

6.That anti grazing Bill be  sent to the State House of Assembly to kick starts the process of law making that will address free open grazing and encourage ranching in the State.Modern mechanism such as the Whickham model can be adopted or employed in the State to avert farmers and herdsmen clashes!

 7.That the aforementioned prayers/demands above be dealt with as a matter of urgency as we cannot guarantee peace if nothing is done to allay our fears in this direction.


Igala Youth Congress (IYC) is ready to work with the leadership of the Igala Nation in this direction even as we look forward to hearing from you soon.


Ojoachele Akor Felix

National Secretary, Igala Youth Congress

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