Opinon: The Scandalous Political Office Holders in Okehi Local Govt.

Ladies and gentlemen, I come to you today with a heavy heart. Top of the reasons for coming home last December was to tour round the state and my Local Government, Okehi in particular, to have a first-hand undiluted information about the development governance has brought to the State. I paid more attention to the happenings at the local level, which is by structure closer to the people.

Patriotic citizens of Okehi Local government, it is better to be hated by telling the truth than to be love by telling lies which characterized in our today politics both at States and Local Government level.

I am pained because when I took a walk round the local government, what my eyes saw were at once unbelievable and unbearable. There and then, I made a personal resolve not to ever restrain myself from speaking about the ills in the society, for I will be guilty of ‘silent sin’ just like others if I keep my mouth zipped as advice by some comrades.

The present official indecorum and personal arrogance of political office holders are scandalously uncalled-for. At work or in the secrets, there is a reckless display of crass insensitivity and offensive rudeness to governance.

I must at this juncture say, our current leadership is totally bereft of new ideas, and utterly incapable of appreciating effective solutions or to apply them even when these are presented to it unsolicited and on the platter of gold.

The content of this article would have been seamlessly communicated to the appropriate quarters should my effort to interface with the Administrator of Okehi was not vehemently hindered. For instance, I, on several occasions, put a call across to one of the Media Aides of the Okehi Administrator, Abubakar Abdullahi, to kindly book an appointment with Hon. Abdulkareem Ohiare to meet with him and point out some certain things to him that needed urgent attention but after all effort I could not get feedback as promised. Hence the resolve to express my dissatisfaction and offer some few recommendations via this platform and i hope this article meets you well.

I beseech you Hon to kindly give me your listening ears as I speak to you as a patriotic citizen of Okehi Local government, Kogi state. I am not trained to call black white neither was I brought up to sing praises and rankadede for no serious deal in the society.

Leadership is not the accumulation or the pursuit of wealth at the expenses of the masses but the pursuit and the will to confront the problem facing the society and to create an enduring environment for the people you governed.

Hon, it is a shame our dear local government is as poor in every ramifications, as we have seen. First of all, the road leading to the Secretariat where you operate from, is tarred with potholes. It is not out of place if your government patch it. Second of all, Ihima – Obangede road is deadly and worst than it was in the past, yet your effort is not being felt in that direction. It’s a state government’s project, we know, but you can hasten the process and get the construction ongoing. Sir, would you have abandoned the people of Ihima if that is the only route to Ihima? Shame.

Our schools (primary and secondary) are falling, yet our government is showing little or no efforts toward reviving them. Any government that does not place priority on education is a waster and disasters, and He who opens a school door, closes a prison in society. Ontop of this, the people are watching in dismay how their elected or appointed representatives are throwing money around, as though it’s their personal resources.

Leadership is not just about occupying office and acquiring property with proceeds from embezzled or mismanaged public funds, It’s about widening your knowledges bank, solving problems, making the people feel government’s presence, and absorbing the truth about life.

Hon sir, let’s do a quick mathematical calculations. What is your salary per month? Multiply it by two years. Keep the result with you sir, it’s a rhetorical question. But I would like to ask one important question; could you have live this big given the salaries and allowances you earn from the council’s coffer? This too, is a rhetorical question.

I wept when i sighted your building (house) from afar and juxtapose it with the Local government you are serving. As it stands Hon Abdulkareen Ohaire you have distinctively displayed a scarce quality of incompetency, and the people are looking and waiting. One day, which is very close by, they will react, one day they will be bold as a people to resist ineffective leadership. One day, the people will surely rise up to fight and confront their misfortunes. Just one fateful day, these destructive oppressors shall wake up to meet their nemesis. Just In One Day And The Day Is As Close as The Garment we Put On.

Distinguished Ladies and gentlemen of Okehi Local Government, I speak in this manner to Hon Abdulkareem Ohiare because I believe he can braze up and avoid wasting our hard earn resources on project that only earn him a temporary status of ‘yes sir’ with little or no benefit to the masses.

At this juncture in our local government, it is imperative and in the best interest of our stability and progress that the people should feel the dividend of democracy and for democracy to succeed. But the portents are bad. And I do really tremble to contemplate any alternative to democracy. If you fail further to make a success of these…experiments, the consequences would be most dreadful.

Way forward:

My Hon caretaker chairman, Abdulkareem Ohiare, your government can diligently utilize the little resources coming to you, to rehabilitate our schools.

Take a tour round all the government secondary schools in Okehi Local government, then you will be ashamed of the local government you are currently serving.

You can begin to rehabilitate the building, one step at a time, by roofing the ones whose roof have gone off, or by giving them toilet and potable water, to start with. If our schools did not feel your impact as a caretaker the probability that you will look that direction when elected as chairman is zero.

The road to our local government should be at least rehabilitated to earn you a lasting name, just like Hon Adagu met a dilapidated secretariat and left a befitting building you now enjoy. Fogive my naivety, if I’m to rate your administration on a pedestrian of sincerity, I see nothing to applaud you for that benefit the masses except the house and cars you bought for yourself and ally.

Honourable citizens of Okehi Local Government, note that a society where corruption is extolled and largely emulated: mediocrity is enthroned: industry and hardwork are discourage. We must in our own way discourage personal interest or gain for good governance to be a reality in our life time. We cannot eat our cake and have it.

You can have great leaders, but if you don’t have a panoramic leader, good governance is a mirage. So, on that note, I pray, as you get this article you read with understanding and as a progressive citizen happen to be in position to better the lots of the people for such a time as this.

I Am Not Ashamed Of The Gospel Of Truth For It Is The Power Unto Good governance and Blessed Is He Who Embrace It.

God Bless You.


Together We will Make Okehi Great.

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