Nigeria: The Rhetoric of a Big Brother


Against all odds, Nigerians have with no hope in sight continue to stay put with the many unending rubbish thrown at them. In the past, the narrative beamed it searchlight on how Europe underdeveloped Africa. All thanks to Walter Rodney for putting it up in print for the good of the black race and to the chagrin of those colonizers whose many visits has always been necessitated because some substance of value had been found. You see, even though they preach the gospel of having a peaceful world, they go behind taking our resources with gruesome schemes. Such schemes have eliminated the likes of Muhammed Gaddafi. Maybe it is a lucky thing- Independence era came for most African states during the twentieth century. Nigeria also got hers on the 1st of October 1960 with no brutal force.

It’s been over sixty years of a journey into nothingness. Drawing from our many natural resources and abundant human capital, we should have been on comparable terms with the likes of United Arab Emirates, Singapore and Hong Kong. Unfortunately, our current colonizers are no longer from elsewhere but from here. They dwell amongst us not as visitors but they are our own blood promising us change, a new direction and a new blueprint. An hatchery for Nigeria’s dwindle on all sphere they’ve become. The British rule ached our older generation and they found ways to feed us with tales that portrayed them as messiahs in the midst of a black race. There was a huge brain drain. Only a few made it back home after the abolishment of slavery. Bishop Samuel Ajayi Crowther was one among many others -We thought them refined because they brought back with them sane civilization. It is why i loved that national anthem line that says “the labors of our heroes past shall never be in vain”.

When finally, we did get that independence, our joy knew no bounds. Suddenly, the heavens gave us oil. It was our season of petrodollar. A new precedent had been set, a mad rush for power through coup became the norm. Millions died because some claimed that they were born to rule and others were born to serve. That must have bruised the ego of… and even more are still dying today under pretexts such as Banditry, terrorism, police brutatality and many more ills. For every act we see today, there was an initial roadmap. We chose the path of ethnocentrism, corruption, worrisome abandone of infrastructure, nepotism, revering of kinsmen above merit…Right now, no sane soul will pride in what Nigeria have become.

Pitiably, there’s a wide spread of growing resentment and anger against the  leadership. Our leadership component is a square peg in a round hole. I mean, it is a good thing for the president to want a better health. However, running to foreign nation for medical tourism does not add color to the image of his adminstration. Only a non-loving father will choose to take his friends to the club while his family sits at home wallowing in hunger. The federal government should learn to shut up by throwing up results instead of giving ethnic, religious and political coloration to…

So much ado about progressive gospel preached by the men of this administration. I am of the opinion that this administration means well -perhaps. However, the key players are not ready to trade their comfort for the teaming population. A minister chooses to mount a towering power plant to run his yard for the comfort of his immediate- he finances this luxury with taxpayers money. He means well for his family at least. However, he is unaware of the fact that the hospital needs that big power plant more than his family does. With such power plant, lots of life would have been saved. Since he didn’t make that better choice, his gains becomes the loss of the masses. About the skyrocketting rate of death, The ministers selfish choice accounts for some. It is why the people recent the leaders.There is a thin line between leadership and ruling, we all prefer the former.

Unfortunately, the government version of any story reigns supreme and it is wiser. A rail connection from north east Nigeria to Niger will booster trade says the minister of transportation. I think it does deserve an applause in many rounds. Remember, we are still indebted! What the government is saying is that, we will borrow the needed fund to run the project while Niger folds her arm. After all, Nigeria is a big brother.

– Olayinka Kayode Kingsley
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