Nigeria: The Path to Peace


Why blame PMB alone for our predicaments? More of the blames should go to the members of his Cabinet ( both Kitchen and other rooms), the self-serving members of the NASS, the Greedy- Governors (with their cabinets), members of the lame state assemblies, the crafty civil servants, the compromised Judiciary, the toothless academia, and above all, the unserious- citizens that fail to break the chain of their slavery by not commonly insisting on a system and structures that can be of common good: Systems and structures that could effectively address our diversities as well as promote justice, equity and fair play.

“Let religion be strictly for the ‘salvation of our souls’ and  not to be mentioned in our Constitution, but criminalized in politicking” A typical case-study is that of my late father, Chief S. A. Ajayi OFR  who was a Christian cum Yoruba, yet served successfully as a parliamentary secretary to the Premier of the Northern Nigeria, Sir Ahmadu Bello of blessed memory, without religion nor ethnicity constituting any hindrance to their robust official – relationship in the business of governance.

If we fear God, who created the heaven and earth, who we claim to worship through different faiths, Love will find space in our hearts and peace will reign in our Land once again!

For me, we need to forget about politics, the ills of PDP, the personality of GEJ, the arrogance of APC, and take a critical look at the the recommendations of the last constitutional conference : Perhaps the solution to some of our teething – problems could be located therein.
We can do this urgently as a starting point.
Durable – peace is not as difficult as we think: All it requires is to frontally deal with the root – causes of Conflict through critical analysis, effective management tools, and well thought-out ‘Transformation Techniques ‘. We are not in short-supply of professionals in this neglected, but very important field. Let us jointly spoil the market of ‘Conflict Merchants: they are eating too-deep into our lean-resources and cutting short the lives of Thinkers that could think through our problems for Solutions.

“No Country develops above it’s level of peace”

We can say ‘ NO’ to Violence if we sincerely want to and focus more on ‘Peace  infrastructures’. The task is not for PMB alone. If it becomes our common interest, PMB cannot resist our collective voice. A stich in timeā€¦.. Let us embrace Peace: it pays!

– Joseph Monday Ajayi is a conflict manager and a peace-practitioner based in Jos, whose father was among the founding fathers that struggled for the independence of Nigeria. His late father was a patriot that spent the better part of his life for the promotion of peace and the advancement Education in Nigeria.

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