Kogi Guber: Amade Edime is a Devout Hustler, Don’t Take Him Serious


In what look like a fiction, I watched Comrade Amade Godwin Edime struggling to lie to the public. In today’s world, and most importantly where jobless guys are hunting for wherever they can make end means. I would not blame Amade for his choice of personality; what we will not accept is a situation where a grown up man can not separate between colours.

Amade raises very interesting stories on Channels Television yesterday. He told us that Yahaya Bello’s government has given us light in Kogi state and Igala land. As comic as this could be, it raised a very vital issue that needs to be clarified. 

According to a publication by Patrick Otieno on April 1, 2015;
“Siemens completed the Geregu II gas-turbine power plant in Ajaokuta on schedule. The customer is Niger Delta Power Holding Company (NDPHC), the state-run energy provider in Nigeria. As part of the turnkey gas turbine power plant, Siemens supplied three E-class gas turbines as well as the associated generators. With an electrical capacity of 434 megawatts (MW), the plant will play an important role in the expansion of the power supply in Nigeria. Ajaokuta is located approximately 200 kilometers south of the Nigerian capital Abuja. Following the Afam V and Geregu I plants, Geregu II is now the third gas-turbine power plant to be constructed by Siemens in Nigeria as a turnkey project and completed on schedule. The scope of delivery supplied by Siemens for Geregu II included three SGT5-2000E gas turbines, three SGen5-100A generators, as well as all the electrical system and the SPPA-T3000 control system.”

Now back to the issues. I decided to bring a brief to this, at least to lay a background that Geregu power plant which Kogi state including Igala land is benefiting from is a Federal Government project that started during the tenure of former President Obasanjo in the popular NIP Project that created a whole lot of issues in Nigeria.

Again, the Project was completed during Gov Idris Ichala Wada who can not dare to claim any glory from the project, let alone Bello who came after the project was being consummated for over a year.

May I therefore inform Amade, the ‘so called’ governorship aspirant who speaks for another Aspirant; that the lies he tries to peddle on Channels Television can not fly. But to give him a window, he may mention in his rejoinder where the Kogi power station which is supplying the Igala land the light he claimed is located.

He went further to tell the world that Gov Bello built Igala Unity House for our people. Although I am always reluctant to talk about things that are baseless, my only question to Amade is to please provide evidence of budgetary provisions for such project. As much as I know, the Igala Unity House was a project conceived and brought to light by individuals among whom, the current Chief of Staff; Edward Onoja was part of or championed. This does not necessarily make the project a government funded project.

I am not surprised about Comrade Amade, he has remain a devoted hustler. In 2015, Amade changed between APC and PDP as much as occasions called for it. One of such was during one of my visits to Lokoja. We were all at the popular Stella Obasanjo Library, and while discussing, Amade asked us to pray for him, that he had lobbied to be part of Jonathan’s campaign team. Few minutes after, his link at Government House put a call across to him that he made the list as member. He jumped everywhere and went straight to Luggard House.

Surprisingly, few days later, Amade was with us in the APC in the build up to the arrangement to receive our candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari (then). So I asked him, what has gone wrong. His answer was most shocking. He accused the PDP of giving money only to few and sidelining others.

From that moment, I knew such characters are disconnected from their conscience and could go any length to satisfy the stomach.

Amade supported Gov Audu, Gov Ibrahim Idris, Gov Wada and now Gov Bello. So who is next? He will vindicate me if another person emerge as Governor.

Such an emotional roller coaster should not be in the spot light when serious issues that concern a state is to be discussed. That he is supporting the current government is actually a minus for the “No direction” team.

I think Amade is one of such calamities that has befallen the Igala nation. His quest for money, his lack of steadfastness and greed, his belief in belonging to government in power to satisfy his desires at all times; amongst other things has created an indelible marks on his person. We will remind him in future.

– Salihu Adam Jiddah
Founder and Convener: Kogi Liberation Movement.

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