Kogi East Senate Race: Letter to PDP Delegates

Dear delegates of our great party the PDP From Kogi East
I picked my pen once again to address this letter to you today Monday the 1st of October 2018 because of your strategic importance in deciding who becomes the flagbearer of the party and who does not. I have done that before and I am doing it again to remind of your role in averting the danger of defeat for our great party
Your decision tomorrow in Idah, the ancestral home of the Igala people will either make or Mar the chances of PDP at the general election come Feb 2019. You must not fail us, you must not fail yourselves, and you must not fail this generation.
You are aware there was efforts by the serving Senator Aidoko to render you useless and unimportant in the form of automatic ticket, but we went to Abuja where he has already perfected his plans and thwarted the it because we know with you   as our voice in the candidates selection for our party, the right thing will be done and candidates who can win elections will be elected for us as flag bearers
For the Senate seat, I am urging you to give your support and votes to Dr Victor Alewo Adoji so that our party can win the senatorial election with ease. This is in view of the fact that his acceptability rate is high and unrivaled amongst his co aspirants
It is important to check histories and antecedents when casting your votes. From amongst all the aspirants jostling for the ticket, who is more accessible to you? Not a last minute accessibility but a consistent one that has been there for the party in times of needs. None of them from my view can match the records of Dr Victor when you go back to your register
We must remove emotions and sentiments if we want the party to win elections in 2019. We must vote aspirants who are popular and acceptable by the people to fly our flag, that way we would have proven to Nigerians that we have indeed change
Please give us Dr Victor Alewo Adoji as the Party’s Flag Bearer and we shall return him to you as a Senator of the Federal Republic Of Nigeria on the platform of PDP
– Comrade Maji Isah writes From Dekina LGA
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