Gov. Yahaya Bello: After The World-Cup What Next?


Recently, the new direction government in Kogi state added another feather to her performance by establishing 25 World Cup viewing centers across the state.

Seeing this on Facebook I was almost defending this new direction government that, the government cannot be this callous! But after fact checking I discover my eyes weren’t deceiving me.

How on earth will a progressive mind think of raising the bar by such a clueless idea?! for crying out loud! Can’t this government think of a better way to harness the resources of the state for the betterment of the people ?! Only heaven knows what would have been expensed in building this state own viewing centers while the inhabitants of the land keeps  groaning like a woman in labour!

What exactly has this self acclaimed new direction government achieved? If not active propaganda by boot licking foot soldiers on  social media.

I was at a friend’s wedding in Ibadan last year December while discussing, my relatives and friends who came from Lokoja cautioned me not to call the name of the Governor, that you dare not call is name in public sphere! And my mind rushed to that portion of the scriptures that said, “thou shall not call the name of thy Lord thy God in vain” could it be that GYB is now  God or white lion I know him to be?

His government has so much improvised the people to the extent that even when they are far away in another state they are accustomed to not calling is naming while discussing him!

I think the governor deserves an accolade for this great stride! This is a prove of love for the hungry and dying people of Kogi, at least soccer is more like ogogoro and for the time been it has taken away the pain of hunger from the masses, that is, if all Kogites are lover of soccer! And I hope GYB will wake up to the cry of the People, now that Russia 2018 is over!

Welcome back from Russia 2018!

– Oyebisi Abayomi writes from Abuja

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