Dr. Victor Adoji’s Senatorial Mandate; A Panjandrum Over Incompetence


Words cannot express the Felicity in our heart, papers cannot contain it. Wind of transformation that would subsequently lead Kogi east to political limelight has blown finally. No doubt, there is a sigh of relief,  hope for a common man and end of mundane politics. Freedom is finally here, even the birds on the tree sings it’s Melody and the deepen forest choruses, the star clusters in affirmative and the moon stands still. The sun has brighten the horizon and the path with which our lost glory shall be restored is as wide as the sea.

The advent of Dr. Victor Adoji in the political fora could best described the tale of the famous Biblical Israelites whose adversity God heard but seemed reluctant because Moses was in the making. When God saw that Moses was fully-fledged, He outrightly infringed all that could have physically disqualified him if human beings were involved and sent him on an errand that liberated His much endeared Israelites. But one touching fact about this tale is that, not only were the Israelites liberated, God hardened Pharaoh’s heart hence, discovered economic implications of freeing Israelites and he went out to chase them with his chariots. Lo and behold! Pharaoh and his gang of army met their Waterloo at the middle of the red sea, thereby, putting an end to oppression in Egypt.
The demands for equitable and transparent leadership through sound Legislative representation by Kogi Easterners cannot be over emphasized, occasioned by various misconducts such as, legal squabbles, looting of Constituency funds and party politics which has been placed above common interests and values. Thus, shopping for an independent candidate with tracked records devoid of political branding. A candidate with genuine desire to serve attested to, by a landscaping achievement ( both human and society welfare) in individual capacity.
This is where Dr Victor Alewo Adoji remains outstanding. His contribution to human, social and political upbringing is mouth watering.
Certainly, Dr Victor Alewo Adoji’s Senatorial ambition will put aside every God-forsaken and luciferous antics such as; self-centeredness, naivism, hypocrisy and incompetency that characterizes the system. It would be an era of transparency, accountability, tranquility and above all, due representation. Dr. Victor Adoji’s Senatorial ambition is borne out of burdens to create equal existence within human race. This is further proven in;
His endless Love for humanity, unparalleled strides in grassroot orientation, identifying with the poor and vulnerable in the society and the unrelenting messages about the unity of Igala race. Dr VAA’s stance among his contemporaries is of imense, with high esteems for human classes, indelible supports and various projects put in place to revive potentially uncommon but dying talents.
Wait a minute, can words really describe Dr. VAA? Or what can we say of a man whose benevolent offerings cut across every facet of human existence? From the realm of governance to religious morale.
Without mincing words, Dr. VAA’s active roles in the emergence of some of our political stalwarts cannot be derailed off the memory in a hurry, some of his major contenders knows about this fact that he is truly ahead of them in this regards. The reason is not far fetched; Dr VAA believes so much in human development as formula for a well-fed society.
For those who still doubts Dr Victor Adoji’s Legislative competencies, he did not jumped into wealth overnight though, but the overrides which many attributed to him are some kinds of orchestrated lies delineating human nature.
Let’s set the record straight, Victor is familiar with the saying that charity begins at home contrary to misconceived parlance from unscrupulous elements. For instance, United Evangelical church (UEC) Okula Aloma was accorded a N3 million finance single handedly by Dr Adoji. My findings about the community road which the previous administrations failed to take into cognisance also revealed that Victor has awarded the contracts for construction but the contractors couldn’t resume work due to the rainy season and the nature of the environment. As at today, sons and daughters of Okula Aloma are doing very well in the prestigious financial institutions precisely, first Bank plc and Zenith Bank plc.
Although i have not met Victor one on one, I could vividly tell that broadcasting his benevolence offering invalidates his philosophy on giving, but posterity would not let if we keep mute while evil flourishes. Victor Donated over 162 bag of cement for the completion of a mosque in a neighborhood community. In 2016, Victor Donated a whooping sum of N10 million to Dekina housing project. Idah, Ankpa, Anyigba, Ogugu and others praise God daily for having a son like him. I will pause on these tips so as to refrain from dancing to a meaningless beating drums. However, generosity is a peck which we must remove from our eyes before asking others to do same.
Besides, there is no section or clause in the constitution of the federal republic where generosity is slated as the yardstick for holding political office (s), hence, the notion that generosity be streamlined so as to forecast Victor’s possible Legislative outputs is low and too primitive to be seen on board. As a matter of reality, such assumptions personifies emotive displeasure watered by personal grudges against the man who had paid his dues both at home and outside.
There are weighty challenges that can be explicitly tackled rather than the needless. The legal tussles that had dragged the Legislative strides to the mud, and the political shenanigans obviously dragging Kogi to status quo. Ideally, patriotism should spearhead individualistic/collective ambition in order to set the context of Democracy on the move. But the spree of political mingles aimed at sailing aspirants to the seat if power is quite worrisome, abusive and detrimental to the unity of purpose. A well meaning Kogite should kick against such instead of backstabbing whom God had ordained to salvage his people from political foes.
Be that as it may, Dr. Victor Adoji will in no doubt captain the boat that would sail Igalaland to her Cannan. With him; there is a light at the end of the thunder, a brighter sunshine after the rain, freedom from killings, hunger and starvation. Restoration of our Legislative legacies would be the watchword.
Dr Victor Adoji is an emblem of values who’s political priority would manifest in dedication and accountability. His emergence as a senator will break the wall of Berlin erected by selfish, self-centered elites against the unity of mind and purpose.
Finally, the long awaited legend is here, the super model that will float the beauty of Igala nation. A star in the darkened skies and the light shining on the path of darkness. A messenger and voice of the voiceless, restorer of our deplorable society.
Shall we then stand in ovation with our PVC as Dr Victor Adoji moves in to restore the lost Legislative glory of Igalaland through sound bills and motions that would eventually grace the confluence city and the country at large.
God Bless Igalaland.
– John Paul
Convener of the famous social media group ‘Operation Win Back Kogi State’.
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