Ankpa: How Hon. Alfa Rabiu Is Silently Investing In The Educational Development Of Enabo

According to the late Madiba, Nelson Mandela – “the only tool that can change the world is education” and this quote has over time proved itself beyond reasonable doubt. If it therefore be anything to go by, the honorable member representing Ankpa 2 constituency at the Kogi state house of assembly, Hon Alhaji Alfa Momoh Rabiu is on course to change the people of Enabo community in Enjema district of Ankpa local government area of Kogi state.
Whereas he has like to every other community in Ankpa 2 constituency been touching lives in the Igala speaking community, his time, commitment, efforts and development of education in the community is near fanatical to say the least. While it is no longer news to report the young honorable’s effective deliveries, the year 2018 has been a year of fortune for community secondary school Enabo considering the attention it has so far received from the vibrant legislator.
First of it was the payment of the sum of two hundred and fifty thousand naira for its registration to be able to serve as an examination center for the apex secondary school certificate body, West African Examination Council(WAEC). Upon this payment, the honorable cleared a backlog of fees for examination class students in addition to a random payment of WAEC fee for some selected students.
In addendum, upon hearing of community lamentations on the decaying state of infrastructure in the school, the People’s representative took it upon himself to embark to completion the construction of a block of classrooms in the school without any partnership or counterpart funding.
To make it a non political but humanitarian statement, work has been religiously ongoing according to his promise and it is near completion following the commencement of roofing with long span (aluminium zinc) sheets and this particular endeavor has not hindered him from rendering services to other areas of the community and constituency at large.
At this juncture, it is important I state clearly that if any list is offered here as a chronicle of his achievements in the constituency, such list shall be for modesty and readers may feel burdened by such lines as in all honesty, his projects and endeavor is practically limitless!
Therefore, as far as education is concerned, Hon Alhaji Alfa Momoh Rabiu’s stewardship has towered above any other public servant of Enabo extraction either currently or previously in any active capacity. This is because, without hesitation of been contradicted, no past or serving public servant of the area has given education more priority like he is giving.
Finally and that every political tenure shall end in the same way, I make this narrations bearing in mind that it is only the details of one’s tenure that shall distinguish him from others.
God Bless Ankpa Local Government!
God Bless Ankpa 2 Constituency!!
God Bless Hon Alhaji Alfa Momoh Rabiu!!!
– Comrade A. M. Nasiru
Senior Legislative Aide to Hon. Alfa Momoh Rabiu.
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