An Open Letter to Edward Onoja…


In one of Nelson Mandela’s speech before the executives of the ANC,he argued that the continuous impoverishing and oppression of a people are amongst the several reasons why such individual or group of individuals will constitute themselves into establishing some sort of consciousness reflecting in form of letters, long essays,serious address,protest,strike and most of all taking up of arms.

To me “Madiba’s” point are the basics upon which I decide to publicly address this note to you.

Sir, today I write to you as a Nigerian, as a patriotic Kogite, as a tribesman and most of all, I write to you as a victim of the constant and reoccurring errors of the present Kogi change, which you are a major part of.

In the last 16 months,there are no amount of words to qualify the continuous abuse of office, intentional hijacking of the Kogi democracy, the lack of regards for the Kogi man, the butchering of the Kogi civil service and the general welfare of our dear state.

Sir, this constituted 16 months of Man’s wickedness to Man in Kogi state that has been, polished and name the “Kogi new direction government” has not only increase oligarchy in the present leadership, but has completely ‘tyrannify’ the governing process of the state.

It has equally hijack the common peace and livelihood of the entire people of Kogi state,and indirectly prompt a higher level of suffering, nepotism,tribalism and insecurities, that the likes of Tom Ohikere, Dino Melaye, Usman Okai, Benjamin Okolo, Chief Makama, Maji, Realone and many others can no longer tell what next could happen to them in the state.

Gradually, you and Bello have dragged Kogi state into a deteriorated condition, subjecting citizens of the state into rigorous political torture, negligence, juvenilism and complete ignorance.

But that is not why I write to you, nor do I also write to ask you to repent…off course you can never repent again.

I do not write to ask you to change either, because you and your boss do not even have the slightest idea on how a state as Kogi should be govern, I do no write to ask you to revisit your plans for the state, because the shortsightedness of you and your team can never yield anything positive for Kogi state.

But I write to remind of Posterity and Karma!

Thus, for every unpaid civil servant in Kogi state, for every unpaid pensioner, for every illegitimately sacked worker, for every diversion of public funds, for every unemployed youth, un-empowered woman and every demonstration project that you and your team have lavished on our state, I want you to know that one day it will caught up with you.

For every ridicule, for every caricature, for every mockery, for humiliation, dehumanization, regret and frustration you and your team have permitted upon our state,just know that every man shall reap that which he sow.

For every hunger, for every suffering, for every molestation, assault, oppression, poverty and even murder that you and your team have inflicted upon our state, listen… there shall surely be pay back by man or by God.

Your insist and endless effort to be worshiped and bowled too like the Odu Man did to thank you for the motorcycle you bought for him out of the state fund has completed our list in the following way.

*Adolf Hitler

*Idi amin of Uganda.

*Charles Taylor

*Mohamad Gaddafi


*Sani Abacha

*Yahaya Bello and the lates

*Edward Onoja.

It is no longer news that you have sold your conscience to the devil, but have it in mind that the tears of the state, the sweat of the masses,their daily bread,their peace of Mind and hope that you have taking from them will speak for them very soon.

We already have a white lion who has been going up and down devouring,you can also become the black or red lion if you so desire,but be aware that there is a lion called the lion of the tribe of Judah and he is approaching your way.

And again it’s like you have totally forgotten that 2019 is not a forever journey.

But in all I wish you well in your self given promotion to the level of the god of Kogi state.

Jacob Unekwu
Ibadan, Nigeria.

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